Cuter On The Internet

Eva Zar's diploma collection & lookbook.
Graphic Design collaboration with Maximilian Mauracher. 

32cm x 48 cm
70 pages


"I like it. It’s a cute, playful way for Zar to both highlight her work and show her undying love for the cult of Mac. Maybe we should start doing our resumés this way."

 Cult of Mac




"A travers 70 pages de screenshots, nous pouvons découvrir la collection «Cuter the Internet» de la styliste Eva Zar, basée à Vienne. Ce travail mêle intelligemment deux domaines a priori opposés : le papier et le numérique."



"Vienna-based fashion designer Eva Zar and art director Maximilian Mauracher have teamed up to create a brilliant, creative portfolio book for Zar, basing its design entirely on the iconic aesthetic of Apple’s aluminum MacBook." 



"Flipping through the pages is like browsing on a Mac. Every design aspect you expect is in there. You get an actual dock at the bottom of each page, the OS X menu atop and app windows. Interestingly there are various apps “opened” on this Mac, including Safari, Preview, Photoshop and iTunes. The level of detail is incredible, which makes this particular project so interesting – for example, we can tell it’s OS X Yosemite running on this particular MacBook (hint: look at the trash icon)."