Shy but not Shy

Solo exhibition "Shy but not Shy" at Lomography Gallery in New York, US. 

In portraying people at their most intimate and most comfortable, she legitimizes their self-curated experiences. In Zar's glittery worlds, her subjects' hair curlers are tools, their beds stages. They are quietly experts in lighting and painting their nails, in knowing their bodies. In a culture where these skills are often seen as frivolous, where femininity is associated with weakness, such a depiction feels inherently political -- an assertion that even in our most private moments, those of us who practice and perform femininity carry with us a specific, powerful understanding of our visual personalities. It is especially powerful that Zar shows that femininity is not just for bodies typically classified as female. She says that she doesn't want to make this kind of relationship with femininity seem abnormal, but rather, feels its important for her work to be situated in a climate in which gender is beginning to be understood as amorphous and shifting.
- Paper Magazine about "Shy but not Shy" (full article: here)


Mit ihrer Strecke „Shy but not Shy“ hält die junge Fotografin Eva Zar den Gegensatz zwischen Versteckspiel und Selbstoffenbarung in den Sozialen Medien in Bild fest. Zwischen Klicks, Likes und Kommentaren dokumentiert sie die intimen Moment vor den digitalen Selbstporträts junger New Yorker. (...) Zars Fotos geben uns einen Einblick in ihre ganz eigene, glitzernde und skurrile Welt, die aus einer Vorliebe für Drag Queens, Früchten und dem Internet besteht. In ihrem neusten Projekt Shy but not Shy, das im Zuge der Photoville 2016 ausgestellt wird, hinterfragt sie, wie intim geteilten Beiträgen sein können und welche Rolle Privatsphäre heutzutage überhaupt noch spielt.
- i-D Magazine about "Shy but not Shy" (full article: here)

These days, embracing exhibitionism is something we do en masse. Our Instagram feeds are our own personal galleries: we make space for beautifying filters, but make sure to leave the bits of reality we don’t like outside of the frame. Cutting and shaping our own personas online is satisfying, no doubt—but it also erases any vulnerability or intimacy we have that’s unfit for the social sphere. This contemporary conundrum is the core of Eva Zar‘s latest project, Shy but not Shy: a series of photos of youth in New York capturing the performances many of us undertake to make ourselves Instagram-worthy. In doing so, she captures our collective spaces of curated femininity, gender and identity in a way that’s relatable as it is captivating.
Girlsareawesome.com about "Shy but not Shy" (full article: here)