Studio Vortex x Ignant︎︎︎
Take Self-Care

As part of a residency with Studio Vortex in the French city of Marseille, Eva Zar created a series of images that demonstrate and celebrate practicing self care.

Ignant wrote, “Following the same approach as in previous works, Zar photographs with intimacy and playful composition. ‘Take Self Care’ emerges as a self portrait study, but also a lesson in attending to personal needs and desires. As a self-proclaimed lover of fruit and inappropriate daily life details, the photographer shows herself eating fresh strawberries by the coast of Marseille and laying in a bath on her phone. Her choice of locations, particularly those that surround her with water, enhance the message of simple, primitive pleasures that often constitute the ritual of self care.”

Eva’s portrait was also featured on Nasdaq’s Times Square building as part of her artist installation.